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Radio Bookmark device The Radio Bookmark is a small, portable device that allows public radio listeners to “bookmark” stories and music aired on the radio that they would like to listen to again. Imagine the following scenarios…

  • You’re driving to your meeting across town while listening to “Morning Edition®.” You’ve reached your destination just on time, but you don’t want to stop listening to the news being reported.
  • You’re cooking dinner while listening to “All Things Considered®” and the kids begin arguing. You really want to hear the rest of the program, but your first priority is taking care of the kids.
  • You’ve just heard a great song and do not know the name. You want to find the song and purchase the CD.
  • You’ve just heard a fantastic article on “The Diane Rehm Show®.” You’d like to gather more information about the topic and share it with a friend.

Radio Bookmark device In all of these situations, you simply press Radio Bookmark button on your Radio Bookmark, which captures the time of day and stores it in memory. Since it is not an audio recorder, you do not have to worry about loud background noises, being too far from the radio, or anything else. Just press the button. Then later, when you are ready to listen to your bookmarks, simply plug the Radio Bookmark into an available USB port on your computerRadio Bookmark in PC. We will automatically transfer your bookmarks to your personal web page, and this is where the magic happens. Since we know what was playing on your local station at any point during the day, your bookmarks allow us to display what you were listening to! The program, story, author, and even where you were within the story. It’s as easy as that! You will get the entire story replayed at your convenience and in perfect clarity. No more road noise, no more kids arguing, just your story and you. And for music programs, you can get the song title, station playlist, and links to allow you to purchase the song while benefiting your station! For music programs that provide audio to replay, then you can even replay your favorite show! And since we transfer all of your bookmarks to your personal web page, you don’t have to worry about how many bookmarks you can capture or running out of space.

Radio Bookmark Webpage So your bookmarks are captured and they have been transferred to your personal web page. But what to do now? Well let’s go through your personal web page.

The first thing you may notice is that there is a row for every bookmark. Each row contains a checkbox, the title of the story or music, when it aired, how long it is, your local station name, the program it was part of, and who provides the program. That is a lot of information, but that is why you have the Radio Bookmark to help you keep it all straight.

To play a story, just click on the story’s title. Your browser will automatically display the information for your story and allow you to listen to the audio again. To view the music playlist, just click on the song’s name. Many music providers also have a link to purchase the song, which benefits your local station. Then when you are done listening, press the browser BACK button to return to your bookmark page and play your next story or music.

The checkbox is used to select the story or music as one you want to share or delete. Simply use your mouse to select or unselect a specific bookmark. For the bookmarks you think your friends will like, simply select the ones you want to send and press Radio Bookmark Share Selected. This will create an email message with links to those great stories and music. And since it is coming from your account, they will know it is safe to read. When you are done with your bookmark and want to remove them, simply select the bookmarks and press Radio Bookmark Delete Selected. Also, you can press “All, None, or New” to easily select all of your bookmarks on this page, none of your bookmarks, or only the new bookmarks.

The optional Radio Bookmark Player provides an enhanced interface for replaying your bookmarks. When installed, the checkbox is also used to select the story as one you want to replay. Simply use your mouse to select or unselect a specific bookmark. To make it easier, all your new bookmarks are automatically selected for you. Any time a bookmark is selected, it is also highlighted in orange so you have a good view of what you will be listening to.

Then when you are ready, press Radio Bookmark Play Selected immediately above the top bookmark on the page. This will start the Radio Bookmark Player and let you listen to your bookmarks! That’s all there is!

Radio Bookmark Player As each of your stories start to play, your personal web page will change and the Radio Bookmark Player will appear on the bottom of your screen. To allow you to get as much information as you want, we display the full web page for the story in the main browser and automatically start playing the audio. For music programs we display the station playlist in the main browser, and often have links available to purchase the music with proceeds going right back to your station!

If you look closely at the Radio Bookmark Player, it provides you all of the controls you need for an enjoyable listening experience.

You can easily advance to the next story by pressing “Next Bookmark”. And you can listen to a story again by pressing “Previous Bookmark”.

Radio Bookmark Player Additional information about the story is displayed so you can find out even more about an interesting story. By selecting the title of an additional story, the main browser will change to the next story, while your audio from your bookmark continues to play. This way you can easily browse through more information.

But let’s say this is an hour-long program and you want to get back to the exact time where you bookmarked your program. Simply slide the audio timeline marker to the position of the red bookmark icon Radio Bookmark and it will immediately start playing where you bookmarked the program.

And when you hear a story of special interest to you, press Radio Bookmark device and the story will be marked as your favorite.

So that is the Radio Bookmark. We hope you enjoy using it and that it helps broaden your public radio experience. If there is something we have missed or you think of something cool to add, please give us your feedback. We’d really like to hear from you.
— The Radio Bookmark team.